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Moritz Elsaesser, President - Mainly Watches, Boston USA

Anoop Singh, Gastronomist, Resaurant Sitara and Mayura in Konstanz with Peter Colat and Gurdeep Singh Kundan

Anthony Cartwright, Drummer, Newcastel with Herbert Gruenemayer famous German Singer at a Watch Show Zürich

David Shiakallis, Watchmaker Larnaka, Cyprus loves Number 3 of limited editions only.

Swiss Enterpreneur George Biastoch, with his Magalex 2000m at the Event.

Sporting his Magalex Herodutus 300m, Hohenems/ Austria

Andreas Hechinger based in Landau, Germany has passion for big Sports Divers watches

A Swiss Client Sporting his Digimatic Watch

A Sports women based in Germany

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